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About SSC (Student Service Center)

Under the aegis of KIHEAT and in accordance with UGC regulations, "Abhyaas" (student service centre) was established. The institutional framework stipulates that students' mental and physical fitness must be promoted through a variety of specified activities for their overall development.

The SSC serves as a liaison between the student and the college. SSC endeavors to provide the right information at the right time to facilitate and provide support services for the diverse learner population, to redress grievances at each stage, and thereby attempts to bridge the gap between the organization and the learner. SSC receives queries and complaints through a variety of channels, including mail, in-person, e-mails/SMS, WhatsApp, phone calls, and online portals such as the UG Portal, UGC Portal, RTI-MIS Portal, INGRAM Portal, National Scholarship Portal, and e-district Portal, etc.

SSC is functioning effectively in coordination with various linkages in the Grievance Redressal Network of the college.

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The Institute's vision is to prepare young men and women who may act as leaders and are capable of facing environmental challenges for the promotion of economic and social development of the country and are also able to play a creative role in the uplift of the mankind..

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