Common Registration for GGSIPU 2022 ||
2015-16 JIM S VERVE 2K15 Quiz Ist
2015-16 TIPS -AALEKHYA Quiz II
2015-16 MERI One Minute to fame 1st
2016-17 TECHNIA INSTITUTE -VARCHASVA 2016 Fashion parade III
2016-17 JIM S VERVE 2016 Business Quiz 1st
2016-17 MERI –LAKERMESSE Quiz, Lame Gaming, Arm Wrestling, Table Tennis 1st
2015-16 TECHNIA INSTITUTE -VARCHASVA 2015 Fashion parade III
2015-16 LINGAYAS INSTITUTE-ZEAL 2015 ad-mad show 1st
2015-16 MERI One Minute to fame 1st
SESSION 2014-2015
2014-15 TECHNIA INSTITUTE -VARCHASVA 2014 Solo singing, solo dancing, ad-mad show III
2014-15 LINGAYAS INSTITUTE-ZEAL 2014 ad-mad show 1st
2014-15 VIPS –SPANDHAN Live reporting II
2014-15 TIPS -AALEKHYA VJ-hunt, Quiz II
2014-15 MERI Group dance V
2014-15 MERI Minute to win I

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The Institute's vision is to prepare young men and women who may act as leaders and are capable of facing environmental challenges for the promotion of economic and social development of the country and are also able to play a creative role in the uplift of the mankind..

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