Report on Orientation Programme

Orientation programme of the Institute was held on 5th August 2018 at Vandana International School, Sector 10, Dwarka, where all the first year students were accorded warm welcome. The programme started with saraswati vandana performed by B.Ed students. Thereafter lighting of the auspicious lamp was done by the eminent dignitaries including Shri V.P. Tandon, Chairman of the Institute, Mrs Vandana Tandon, General Secretary, Prof. Sanjeev Mittal, Prof. M.C. Sharma, Mr. Harsh Tandon, Vice- Chairman, Dr S.R. Madan, Director General, Dr. M.M Maheshwari, Director, Dr. Priti Srivastava, Principal, Mr. P.S Mehra, Administrative Officer.

The chief guest Dr. Sanjeev Mittal was accorded floral welcome by Mr. V.P. Tandon, Professor M.C. Sharma by Dr. Priti Srivastava, Mr. V.P. Tandon by Dr. M.M. Maheshwari, Mrs. Vandana Tandon by Mr. Anudeep Arora, Dr. S.R. Madan by Dr. Priti Shrivastava, Mr. P.S. Mehra by Dr. M.M. Maheshwari and Mr. Harsh Tandon by Mr. Anudeep Arora.

Dr. M.M Maheshwari welcomed the first year students who in his welcome speech talked about various activities to be undertaken in three years and motivated the students to do their best in their respective fields. The Chief Guest Dr. Sanjeev Mittal exhorted the students to be knowledgeable. He drew attention of the students to two important words “STUDENT” and “KSA” i.e. Key Success Areas. He narrated the importance of the term “STUDENT” by assigning somewhat different meaning to each of the alphabets in this word which really impressed the audience who gave a big hand to Dr. Mittal.

For changing the mood of the gathering a group dance was performed by B.Ed students and was applauded by the crowd. Prof. M.C Sharma laid emphasis on the importance of interpersonal skills and communication skills for the development of the personality. The environment became flamboyant with the advent of the bollywood celebrity Mr. Kumar Sanu who made the audience excited through his melodicious song. In the end welcome song was sung by students of Vandana International School.

At the close of the orientation program members of the faculty of Education and that of the Management introduced themselves to the students.

Orientation is a programme in which information and informal training are given to all concerned before starting something. With regard to an organisation, orientation is the type of aims that an organisation has. On the Orientation Day the students are made acquainted with the curricula of various courses and institutional environment. The Institution has a tradition of according a rousing welcome to freshers and holding a talent search competition where Mr. and Ms. of the Institute for the year are selected. Faculty members also give self introduction and apprise the students of the subjects they shall be teaching to them. This programme is followed by Lunch for the freshers.

List Of Activities Organized By The Institute (B.Ed.)

1. 12th March, 2014 Community Service and Standardize Test Dr. Priti Srivastava
Principal & Dr. Pooja SharmaAssistant Professor
2. 3rd & 4th March, 2014 C.C.E. and R.T.E. Ms. Shivangi & Mrs. Sarika
Mr. Sanjay Bhardwaj & Mr. Niyaz
Assistant Professors
3. 6th January, 2014 Orientation B.Ed. Programme IInd Semester Dr. Priti Srivastava
4. 10th & 11th October, 2013 Case-Study and Action Research Dr. Pooja Sharma
Assistant Professor
5. 1st & 3rd October, 2013 Micro-Teaching & Skills Dr. Priti Srivastava
Principal alongwith all Faculty Members
6. 1st August, 2013 Orientation B.Ed. Programme Ist Semester Dr. Priti Srivastava
7. 19th February, 2013 Multimedia, Animation and Graphics Dream Zone, CADD CENTRE
Mr. Arun Singh Shah Branch Manager
8. 10th September, 2012 CTET Gold Font Learning Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Anshul Gupta
Ms. Sumati
Programme Co-ordinator
9. 11th August, 2011 Orientation Programme on a online and certification course 'International Pedagogical ICT Course' Under the auspices of
Ms. Pragiya Sinha
Project Co-ordinator, NIIT

Orientation & Fresher's Party (B.Ed., BBA and BCA)

1. 1st December,2011 Fresher Party-Cum-Talent Hunt Chief Guest -
Sh. P. Vasudeva,
Chief Counsellor Delhi Administration
2. 4th October 2012 Orientation Programme for B.Ed., B.B.A. & B.C.A. Chief Guest -
Sh. Virmani
3. 10th May, 2014 Farewell Party Chief Guest -
Sh. P. D. Sharma
Principal, Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Rajapur Khurd

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