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The Conference/Seminars/Webinars serve as a hub for intellectual engagement and professional growth. KIHEAT is dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous learning and knowledge exchange, bringing together students, faculty, industry experts, and thought leaders. Through a diverse array of conferences, seminars, and webinars, we facilitate in-depth discussions on contemporary issues, cutting-edge research, and innovative practices.

These events not only enhance academic and professional competencies but also inspire participants to explore new ideas, collaborate, and contribute to their respective fields

Guest Lectures

At KIHEAT, Guest Lectures are a cornerstone of our commitment to academic excellence and professional enrichment. These sessions bring esteemed industry leaders and subject matter experts directly to our students, offering invaluable insights and preparing them for future challenges.


Faculty Development Programs (FDPs) play a crucial role in elevating teaching methodologies and bolstering research capabilities. These programs empower our esteemed faculty with cutting-edge pedagogical techniques and specialized knowledge, ensuring they excel in fostering academic innovation and student success.

Industrial Visits

The industrial visits organized by KIHEAT offer students practical insights into real-world operations and industry practices. These visits are designed to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical application, providing students with firsthand exposure to industrial environments. Through these experiences, students gain valuable industry knowledge, enhance their understanding of course concepts, and develop crucial professional skills essential for their careers.


The workshops at KIHEAT are tailored to cultivate hands-on skills and foster creative problem-solving among students. These sessions are designed to supplement academic learning with practical experiences, equipping students with industry-relevant competencies and preparing them for professional challenges ahead.


The Celebrations at KIHEAT infuse campus life with vibrancy and cultural richness. These festive events foster a sense of community and joy, allowing students to partake in and appreciate diverse traditions and milestones.

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