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Kamal Institute of Higher Education & Advance Technology on 23rd October 2021 conducted a virtual Summer Internship drive for the students of BBA and B.Com (H) with UAS International.

The drive started with the introduction to the company and the profiles being offered by the HR Manager, Ms. Mehak Kalia. She has also discussed the Workflow of the 60-day virtual internship. Students of KIHEAT participated in large numbers, Seven of our students got an internship offer as well. Indeed it was a wonderful opportunity for our students !

Knowledge Series Lecture 3: How time affects a person’s life

Time management is the heart of every successful work or task. It is the skill that is liked and exercised by the talented and competent to ensure the success and progress of their dedicated tasks. In order to aware students about the same, Kamal Institute of Higher Education and Advance Technology came up with the next very important topic of their knowledge series i.e “How time affects a person’s life”. The event was organized on 23rd march 2021. The speaker of this event was Ms. Bhavna Gupta, an eminent motivator and public speaker. Students of BBA, BCA, (H) and B.A. (JMC) actively participated in this event.
Ms. Bhavna Gupta started the event with a question What is time?  She described time by three arrows- Psychological arrow, Thermo dynamical arrow and Cosmological arrow. She further explained that “time management is the ability to plan and control how you spend the hours in your day to effectively accomplish your goals”. Poor time management can be related to procrastination as well as problems with self - control. Ms. Gupta emphasized on learning the art of time management that could yield a positive impact especially on our personal lives- where most of us fail at giving due time to each and every task. Benefits it offers are;
Better task management
Higher productivity
No stress level
Better work-life balance  
After establishing the importance of time management, Ms. Bhavna Gupta explained the psychology of time - Time perspective and Time usage. It was indeed a valuable session for all. The event was concluded with a thank you note by Ms. Kirti Tanwar, Assistant professor, Department of Management.

EsoBene- Placement

Kamal Institute of Higher Education & Advance Technology conducted a placement drive in collaboration with EsoBene for the post of HR Trainee for the students of BBA and B.Com (H) on 12th August 2021. EsoBene Consulting Private Limited is a Gurugram (India) based company working towards excellence in the IT Solutions & Consulting Space, and believes in pursuing business through innovation. Indeed the students participated enthusiastically. 


Kamal Institute of Higher Education & Advance Technology organized a guest lecture on “Interview Skills & Personality Development” as a part of Knowledge series-1 via zoom app on 24th March 2021 at 11 am. Ms. Preeti Subberwal, Founder Director, Thoughtful engagement was the speaker for the event.
She started by quoting that mindset and approach are two most important things while appearing for an interview. She said one should be confident and prepared to do well in an interview. For this, it is important to understand the employer’s agenda of conducting the interview. The employers aim is to:
Assess whether you meet the job requirements
Obtain evidence of your attitudes, skills & abilities
Determine if you can fit in their culture
An interviewee’s aim is to:
Persuade the panel that you have the right attitude, skills/abilities for the job
Demonstrate your enthusiasm for the job & the organization
Demonstrate your knowledge of the job role and the sector/industry
To achieve the above mentioned tasks, it is important for an interviewee to build a strategy. She said memorization of answers to commonly asked questions is a big no as you might panic if you forget some piece of information since it is not something that naturally comes to you.
Ms. Preeti further elaborated on the 6 simple personality development tips that freshers must work on before interviews: 
1. Making an eye contact- Something as simple as eye contact can make or break your interview round. A healthy eye contact when addressing your audience is the key to capturing their interest. When you meet your interviewer, make sure you have a pleasant eye contact to go along with your greeting and maintain it throughout your meeting. Avoiding eye contact or breaking it too often reflects a personality with low self-confidence and may not retain their interest in what you’re saying to them. Once you master eye contact, it is easier to work on other aspects of personality development. 
2. Verbal communication - While it may not seem that important but how you communicate with your prospective employer right from the first touch point makes a huge difference in your ultimate selection. Your written and spoken skills together make up your overall communication capabilities. Right from your job application stage to your final round of interview, your selection is almost entirely driven by these skills of your personality.
What about listening though? When you are listening to someone, don’t stare at them continuously to show your interest. It may become uncomfortable for the speaker, especially if it is a one-on-one interaction. Instead, you can alternate between looking at them, nodding occasionally and agreeing with words such as “yes”, “right”, “true”,” hmmm” and so on.
3. Using the body language as a tool - You speak more with your body than you do with your mouth. It reflects your confidence and personality more than when you express through speech. You may not have realized it but when you respond to someone you also respond to their body language. Having a simple smile on your face can go a long way in creating a positive aura around your personality as opposed to keeping a straight face.
4. Sitting with Crossed arms and legs - Crossing arms and legs is actually considered a sure sign of displaying resistance towards the other person. So, the best way to reflect a respectful and confident personality is to keep your hands folded lightly on your lap, occasionally using gestures to make your point, and keep your legs open and straight.
5. Maintaing a Good Posture- Practicing good posture is not only beneficial for professional discussions such as interviews but also helps improve your back. This is a great way to boost your attention and confidence levels while working on your personality development.
6. Appropriate Dress code- Even though personality development is about working on your inner self, the wardrobe does come into play. While it is almost expected to adopt a formal look when going for interviews, it also depends on who you‘re interviewing with. Some industries actually promote a more casual way of working and that reflects in their way of dressing too. 
Considering that many students are appearing for job and internship interviews at this point of time, this topic was something that they could very well relate to. Ms. Preeti made this session really interesting by making students answer some witty questions and keeping them engaged. It was a very informative session for all.  


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