Maintenance Of Decipline

Session: 2019-2020

1. Grievances Redressal Committee

Kamal institute has constituted its Grievances Redressal Committee comprising following persons:-

 S.No. Name Designation
 1.  Mr. Anudeep Arora  Convener
 2.  Dr. Priti Srivastava  Principal B.Ed.
 3.  Mr. Sourab Aggarwal  Member
 4.  Dr. Archana Vats  Member
 5  Mr. Rohit  Student Representative
 6  Mr. Karnveer  Student Representative
 7  Mr. Shubham  Student Representative
 8  Ms. Manjeeta Yadav  Student Representative

The meeting of the committee is held as and when complaints from students and faculty are received. The committee endeavours to solve the problems amicably.

2. Anti- Ragging committee:

Keeping in view of Supreme Court order banning ragging in educational institution Anti-Ragging Committee is formed. Following are the members of this committee.
 S.No. Name Designation
 1.  Mr. Anudeep Arora  Convener
 2.  Dr. Priti Srivastava  Principal
 3.  Mr. Davinder Singh  Asst.Prof.
 4.  Mr. Manu Kohli  Asst.Prof.
 5  Ms. Sheetal Devi  Asst. Prof.
 6  Dr. Archana Vats  Asst. Prof.

3.Sexual Harassment Committee:

To prevent Sexual Harassment of women in the Institute, Sexual Harassment Committee is formed. Members are as followings:
 S.No. Name Designation
 1.  Mrs. Suma S.  Convenor
 2  Mrs. Archana Vats  Asst. Prof.
 3  Mrs. Heena Bhalla  Asst. Prof.
 4  Mrs. Preeti Vats  Asst. Prof.
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