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In this fast challenging age where ensuring commitment to foster a diverse and community of learners, driven by values, forms the basis of an educational institution. Paradigm shifts from the conventional to disruptive innovation and emerging markets have emerged which is truly transformational. Sustainable growth today lies in building core competencies and this is where education plays a pivotal and crucial role.

Our institute in committed in preparing students for the complex world by way of imparting skills, making them responsible with a deep transformative experience-mentally, socially and personally that will prepare them for a life of responsible citizenship and leadership.

Our strength lies in taking advantage of our ecosystem and incorporating the west from the academia, industry and research. The students, teachers and staff are the three pillars of our institute. Building teamwork, sharing a common vision and working together are the keywords making KIHEAT different.

As India has embarked its journey of reforms in higher education, we at KIHEAT are committed as always, to create value for our students, transform lives, and create true leaders. Our alumni form a large community that has forged the businesses and professions globally

Come and be a part of our excellence where we hold promise for you to engage, learn and excel in your pursuits.

( Dr. Madan Mohan Maheshwari )

Kamal Group of Schools and Institutions
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