Inter- College Achievements
2015-16 JIM S VERVE 2K15 Quiz Ist
2015-16 TIPS -AALEKHYA Quiz II
2015-16 MERI One Minute to fame 1st
2016-17 TECHNIA INSTITUTE -VARCHASVA 2016 Fashion parade III
2016-17 JIM S VERVE 2016 Business Quiz 1st
2016-17 MERI –LAKERMESSE Quiz, Lame Gaming, Arm Wrestling, Table Tennis 1st
2015-16 TECHNIA INSTITUTE -VARCHASVA 2015 Fashion parade III
2015-16 LINGAYAS INSTITUTE-ZEAL 2015 ad-mad show 1st
2015-16 MERI One Minute to fame 1st
SESSION 2014-2015
2014-15 TECHNIA INSTITUTE -VARCHASVA 2014 Solo singing, solo dancing, ad-mad show III
2014-15 LINGAYAS INSTITUTE-ZEAL 2014 ad-mad show 1st
2014-15 VIPS –SPANDHAN Live reporting II
2014-15 TIPS -AALEKHYA VJ-hunt, Quiz II
2014-15 MERI Group dance V
2014-15 MERI Minute to win I
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